Monday, August 6, 2012

Go Canada Go cup cakes

I would like to dedicate this post to all Athletes in the world. With a special look on Canadian and Slovenian Athletes. Today is the 11 th Day on the Olympic games in London. Canada has 11 medals and Slovenia has 4 medals.
 I made Go Canada Go cup cakes and Go Slovenia dessert to enjoy sweets while we are watching and cheering. This recipe is very easy and you don't need an oven to make it. You only need 10 minutes.

We need:
- 10 cookies
- 1/2 cup of coffee
- 1/2 cup of milk
- 500 ml Cool Whip
- icing
- jelly
- chocolate

 First we preapare models and cup cakes papers.
 Then we soak our cookies in coffee and milk, then add them in our cups.

 On the top we put some Cool Whip and decorate with icing and a tea spoon of jelly. Instead of Cool Whip you can use pudding cream if you would like.

 Ta post bi rada  posvetila vsem sportnikom sveta. Se posebaj Kanadskim in Slovenskim. Danes je 11 dan na Olimpijskih iger in Kanada ima 10 medalj in Slovenija jih ima 4. Cestitke vsem.
 Za navijanje in gledanje olimpijskih iger sem danes naredila Go Canada Go male tortice in Go Slovenija Go desert. Je zelo enostaven, ni potrebno peci in narejeno je v 10 minutah.
- 10 bejbi piskotov
- 2 deci kave
- 2 deci mleka
- cokolada
- zele
- krema, lahko slag krema
- smetana
 Torej; piskote namocimo v kavi in mleku, ter jih zlozimo v nase modelcke. Cez damo slag kremo, ter okrasimo s smetano in zelejem.

 Go Slovenia Go desert

 We pour the jelly in our model.
Add crushed chocolate and decorate it with icing sugar and a tea spoon of jelly.
 Za desert nalijemo zele v nas model, dodamo narezano cokolado, ter okrasimo s smetano in zlicko zeleja.

 Go Canada Go
Go Slovenia Go Andreja Being Active Home

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